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1. The raised hairs, threads, or similar small projections on the surface of fabric or suede (used especially with reference to the direction in which they naturally lie)." carefully machine the seam, following the direction of the nap.'

synonyms:pile, fibers, threads, weave, surface, grain

"the NAP of the velvet"


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noun: NAP;

plural noun: naps

1. A short sleep, especially during the day, :excuse me, ill just take a little nap"

synonyms: (some) sleep, a little sleep, a catnap, a siesta, a doze, a lie-down, (a/some) rest, a little rest; Moreinformala snooze, forty winks, (some) shut-eye, a little shut-eye, (some) beauty sleep/rest, a little beauty sleep/rest, a power nap

"a NAP will make you feel better"